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AI Notice

Last update: 2024-05-15


Opendatasoft enables its users to rapidly create and share new, more accessible, relevant and easily reusable data experiences. By facilitating access to data, our customers improve their operations, stimulate the development of new services and strengthen trust with their stakeholders.

To support these objectives, Opendatasoft integrates AI-powered functionality into its services, enabling its customers to dramatically improve the performance and search experience of their users on their data portals.

This notification for Opendatasoft's corporate customers outlines the changes to our Data Processing Agreement with the addition of OpenAI as a new solution provider, and other potential changes.

DPA evolution with the addition of OpenAI

Our standard Data Protection Agreement (DPA) is changing to include OpenAI as a subcontractor to Opendatasoft. Activation of AI-powered functionalities on your portal implies acceptance of OpenAI as a subcontractor. Activating AI-powered functionalities is completely a matter of customer choice:

Identity of the Sub-processor Categories of processing carried out Location of processing operations Transfer outside the EU Concerned Data Comments
Open AI if option subscribed by the Customer:
Provision of vector search functionalities and generation of visualizations via a conversational agent

1. Vectorisation of datasets

2. Automated generation of visualizations
USA Yes If option subscribed by the Customer:

1.Vectorisation of datasets:
Five pieces of metadata are sent to OpenAI:
default_title -> dataset title
default_description: text description
default_theme: theme assigned to the dataset
default_keyword: descriptive keywords
territory : geographical metadata

2. Automated generation of visualizations:
Sending the metadata default_title (title of the dataset), as well as the dataset schema (for each field: name, type, label, text description). Finally, a random sample of records is also sent, up to a limit of 50 records
SOC 2 and SOC 3

Exploring other AI solution providers

Opendatasoft’s relationship with OpenAI is not exclusive, and we will continue to explore options around working with other AI solution providers, with the aim of offering customers greater flexibility.